Tuition Information for 2020-2021

Think you can’t afford private school?

Think again. Tuition at St. Mary’s Catholic School is affordable for most families. In fact, our tuition costs just $12 a day* and is commensurate with other private schools in the area. In addition, we offer a flexible payment program and discounts for enrolled siblings to help families manage tuition. Scholarships for needy families are also available.


Catholic education is a wise investment in your child’s future. Just think — $12 a day. Your child is well worth it.


*Based on a 365-day calendar year.

Tuition Information                             

At the time of registration, a non-refundable fee of $175.00 per student is required for All students Pre-K – 8th grade.

Tuition Policy as stated in the Student Handbook:

  1. Parents and guardians are required to participate in the school’s online tuition management program.

  2. Parents and guardians will be responsible for sending tuition payments to FACTS tuition management program in a timely manner.

  3. Tuition payments are not to be refunded or pro-rated when withdrawing school at off times of the month unless special arrangements have been made with the Principal prior to withdrawal (any part of an academic quarter is to be considered a whole academic quarter).

  4. Past due tuition accounts may be grounds for student dismissal. To return to school after dismissal for past due accounts, a student may need to be re-enrolled, this includes all past due accounts and fees brought up to date prior to being re-admitted.

  5. Tuition payments, including late fees (for FACTS) and any other fees, must be current (no delinquencies) before a families’ pre-registration for the coming school year will be accepted.  Placement will not be secured until fees, including late fees and tuition, are current.

  6. Parents who have had repeated issues with late payments may be asked to pay the first and last month for future enrollments.

  7. Diplomas and report cards and any release of permanent records may be withheld until all fees, including late fees (for FACTS), cafeteria or EDCP fees and tuition payments are paid in full. Tuition and fees not paid can be turned over to collections.

 1. Pre-K (4-year-old): General Rate                                                  $500.00                               $5,000.00

  • Catholic (Registered and Verified) Rate                                   $480.00                               $4800.00

  • Blessed Sacrament (Registered and Verified) Rate                $460.00                               $4600.00

2. Kindergarten through 8th grade: General Rate                         $490.00                               $4900.00

  • Catholic (Registered and Verified) Rate                                  $470.00                                $4700.00

  • Blessed Sacrament (Registered and Verified) Rate               $450.00                                $4500.00


Multi-Child Discount: We love families!!!! We offer discounts for multiple children to enroll in K-5th grades. Each additional child within that grade range will receive up to $400.00 discount per academic year.

Tuition Assistance

You may be eligible for Tuition Assistance. For information regarding Tuition assistance and financial aid: click here