School Advisory Council

School Advisory Council (SAC)

The School Advisory Council (SAC) advises and recommends to the Pastor of Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church actions pertaining to St. Mary's Catholic School concerning the following:

  - Planning

  - Policy development, formulation, and adoption

  - Hiring of school principal

  - Financial review and advisement (operations, annual budget, sources of funding)

  - School development; public relations & marketing

  - Collaboration with the Archdiocesan Principal Evaluation process

The appointed voting members have a commitment to Catholic education and its advancement in Southwest Oklahoma through St. Mary's Catholic School.

Council Members

Jo Ann Knecht


Don Aguilar


Marianne Moore

Secretary, Finance Officer

Jacob Ferrero


Anthony Layton


Jasmine Crocker


Carrie Wieger


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Ex-Officio Members

Rev. Brian Buettner

Pastor, Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church

(580) 355-2054

Rev. Phil Seeton

Pastor, Holy Family Catholic Church

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