What is Renweb? 

RenWeb is a web-based program that brings the parent and the school together in one unified system allowing parents to access grades, homework and other school info in one convenient place.

What is our district code?


How do I sign up?

If you are a parent or guardian of an enrolled student, you can sign up through the ParentsWeb login link on the CCS website ( Note: Your e-mail address must be entered into the RenWeb database at your school before signing up. The system is designed for each parent to have their own username and password. Middle School students are issued one using their school email address. 1. From our homepage,, click on the ParentsWeb icon. 2. Select Create New ParentsWeb Account. 3. Enter your email address on file with the school. 4. You will receive a secure link via email to complete your account set up. 5. Your password must have at least 6 characters, and one must be a number.

How do I check my child’s homework assignments?

1. Login to ParentsWeb. 2. Select School Information. 3. Select Calendar. 4. Select the My Homework tab. This will display all of the homework for your child regardless of where the teacher entered it. It will also display all of your children’s homework if you have more than one child. 5. OR Select Student Information. 6. Select Student Home. 7. Select Individual Student and Homework by Date or Homework by Subject.

How do I check my child’s grades?

1. Login to ParentsWeb. 2. Select Student Information. 3. Select Grades. 4. Select the class that you wish to view from the dropdown menu.

Can I access ParentsWeb from my phone or mobile device?

Yes. If you click the ParentsWeb link on our homepage while using your mobile device, you will be automatically redirected to the mobile site.

Is there a ParentsWeb app?

Yes. You can download the RenWeb Home App for Apple or Android devices. Visit RenWeb’s app page for the most up to date information. (

Is there a difference between ParentsWeb mobile and the RenWeb Home App?

Both provide access to the same ParentsWeb information. ParentsWeb Mobile uses a free mobile-friendly browser. RenWeb Home accesses the information using an app, which provides additional features only an app can offer, including the ability for parents to: 1. Always stay logged into ParentsWeb, providing instant access. 2. Navigate to their information faster. 3. Communicate easier with other school parents and faculty through their Smartphone’s integration with the School Directory, allowing parents to Tap & Send emails or make phone calls instantly to directory listings. 4. Import school calendar events and student homework assignments into your Personal Calendars.

Is there a cost for the RenWeb Home App?

Parents can access ParentsWeb for free using a desktop browser or through ParentsWeb Mobile. For parents who want the additional convenience and features available only through an app, RenWeb offers the option to purchase a subscription to the app. RenWeb uses the fees to help fund all of our mobile-friendly development, including RenWeb Home, ParentsWeb Mobile and RenWeb Staff, the iPhone/iPad app for faculty. The annual subscription rate is $4.99.