• Parents and guardians are required to participate in the school’s tuition management program (FACTS), whether paid in full or monthly payments. No tuition payments will be accepted in the school office.

  • Tuition payments are not to be refunded or pro-rated when entering or withdrawing school at off times of the month, unless special arrangements have been made with the Principal prior to entrance or withdrawal.

  • Past due tuition accounts may be grounds for student dismissal until the account is brought current.

  • Tuition payments, including late fees (for FACTS) and any other fees, must be current (no delinquencies) before a families’ pre-registration for the coming school year will be accepted.  Placement will not be secured until fees, including late fees and tuition is current.

  • Diplomas and report cards, and any release of permanent records will be withheld until all fees, including late fees (for FACTS) and tuition payments, are paid in full.

  • All lunch and child care payments will be made through Parentsweb.