Faith & Service

Catholic Identity

St. Mary's Catholic School participates in the Church’s teaching mission which includes inviting young people to a relationship with Jesus Christ or deepening an existing relationship with Jesus, inserting young people into the life of the Church, and assisting young people to see and understand the role of faith in one’s daily life and in the larger society. “This unique Catholic identity makes our Catholic elementary and secondary schools ‘schools for the human person’ and allows them to fill a critical role in the future life of our Church, our country and our world” (The Catholic School on the Threshold of the Third Millennium, 1997). By caring for the whole child in mind, body, and soul, St. Mary's will grow your child in ways they may have never known possible regardless of faith background.

Daily Prayer

St. Mary's Catholic School begins each day together with a prayer after reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Once in class, our Catholic Faith is infused into every subject throughout the school day, not just in our daily religion classes. Each subject is brought into its proper context as it relates to God and the revelation of Jesus Christ so our students can grow in both faith and reason. Daily Religion classes not only provide sacramental preparation for Catholic students, but they also give students a deeper knowledge of God so they can love and serve Him even more! Classes pray together before and after eating lunch in the school cafeteria. All grades attend adoration and Mass weekly on Wednesday mornings at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church. 

Christian Service

All students participate in our Christian Service Program which includes a variety of service projects both inside and outside our Church community. Students collect baby shower items for Birth Choice, volunteer at the Parish Thrift shop, raise money for the American Heart Association and other charitable organizations, and serve our community in various capacities.

A recent project has enabled our students to put their STEM knowledge at the service of the local community. Students of St. Mary's 3rd grade class assisted in the design of the Elmer Thomas Park Splash Pad: a 3,500-square foot facility which features 13 above ground water features, 15 ground spray nozzles, six canopy shaded areas and 14 picnic tables.